Down through the annals of time the Eternal Father guided His people, taking them out of their caves to dwell on farms and, eventually, in cities throughout the world, testing them as surely as gold is tried in fire!

He continued to teach them through the promised Redeemer, His only begotten Son, Jesus, the Word made flesh. Now in these latter days, signifying the end of an era, He instructs them through Mary, His mother, who dearly loves each one of her children.

She is intent upon giving her final instructions in these latter days that will complete the countdown to a new era: a springtime of renewal wherein the survivors live in the peace and love the Father originally bestowed on their progenitors, Adam and Eve.

This is the mission the heavenly Father entrusted to His most beloved daughter,



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Vicka added: “For me the message that the Madonna has given is very clear: this is the last time that she will be present here on Earth in the way she has been present at Medjugorje – for such a long period of time.”