Down through the annals of time the Eternal Father guided His people, taking them out of their caves to dwell on farms and, eventually, in cities throughout the world, testing them as surely as gold is tried in fire.

  He continues to teach them through the promised Redeemer, His only begotten Son, Jesus, the Word made flesh. Now, in these latter days, signifying the end of the present era and the beginning of a new one, He also instructs them through Mary, His mother, who dearly loves each one of her children.


  We also provide printed color copies of the book FOR THE SALVATION OF THE WORLD; A Love Story About Mary for libraries, classroom instruction and religious gift shops. Individual printed copies of the book are also available. Please refer to the CONTACT US page on this website for additional information.

  In response to numerous requests for the book in languages other than English, the decision was made to have the entire book available in the language of your choice on this site. All the web pages are now multilingual. There are over 100 language translations available. Click the Select Language button on the upper left side of the desktop view – or near the bottom of the mobile view.

  Once a language is selected, all the pages are immediately translated. and the chapters may be read in your internet browser. The electronic translations should provide an acceptable [85%] read. You may choose to download the translated pages [chapters] and save them for leisurely viewing on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

The mother of God