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All Ages Will Call Me Blessed”


                Gerard B. Tall, Jr.



If you would like a free updated, digital, color copy of the book in English, you may download as many copies as you like for your friends or for easy viewing on your computer web browser, tablet or smartphone, including iPhone, iPod and Android. There is no charge for this service. .

Full color copies of the book are available. The 276 page book, with hard covers in a matte finish, contains 125 pages in color. Individual copies are available for a donation to Author, San Michel’s Alcove, with free shipping in the USA and Canada.The latest version was published in May, 2018.

Printed copies of the book are also available for use in libraries, classroom instruction and religious gift shops when ordered in quantity.

You may freely distribute both the digital and printed copies of the book for use by others; however, you may not profit from the distribution of the digital copies.

The book is copyrighted and may not be altered in any manner without the express permission of the author. Brief synopsis and quotes may be used for the express purpose to promote and advertise the book.


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