Part III


Thus difficult times for the world continued! War upon war – seemingly without end – began early in the twentieth century. Since World War I most of us have never known a time when the world was at peace. Now, even in our own country, we seem to be at war with our neighbors.

The feminist movement is causing a great rift in family life, given its ensuing proclamations about birth control, divorce, abortion and euthanasia. It would appear we are living in that time which Fulton Sheen noted in the 1960s: “We don’t need hair-shirts today; our neighbors are our hair-shirts!”

A Prediction

When will we come to our senses? Will we perform that penance Our Lady has requested over the past 185 years; the same “Penance” the angel thrice warned us about in the third secret of Fátima? God gave to the ”woman clothed with the sun” the power to use the sun to perform a great miracle in 1917.

Therefore, it seems quite logical to assume the sun may once again be used in order to bring mankind to its knees! Even then, will we listen, or must we suffer the consequence? Must it take a direct intervention of God to show us the correct path?

The Church

This mission given to Our Lady is further clarified by several of her appearances, two of which are still under investigation. In due time, the Church will either accept them as genuine, else dismiss them as unworthy of belief. While they are not absolutely necessary to fulfill Mary’s mission these sites predict numerous future events that will affect us all.

Of particular interest are the reported apparitions of Our Lady in Garabandal in 1961, and Medjugorje in 1981, both of which are still under investigation by the Church. Each of these apparitions are of intense interest to the author as he personally experienced an event in real life shortly after the onset of each of the apparitions, either of which could have resulted in global thermonuclear war.


Each event came with a “nuclear hair-trigger” that could go out of control in a moment’s notice, beyond man’s ability to stop them!. One cannot fully comprehend the gravity of those situations unless they had been personally involved or fully aware of the consequences.

It is these events that stimulated the author’s interest and, years later, writing this manuscript so that others may understand their significance: Mary’s mission and her role in combating them. They are further clarified on pp. 193-196, beginning with the last paragraph on p. 193.

The outcome of all these events may well be determined by what we do now! How will we handle the future once we have discovered the correct path? The answer lies in understanding Mary’s mission over the last 185 years. 

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