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Joyful Good News Book“A delightful conversation between two people in their attempt to experience the joy of discovering Jesus, the ‘treasure hidden in the field.’”

Bishop Victor B. Galeone was born in Philadelphia in 1935, and BVG Official Pixwas raised in Baltimore. He completed his theological studies at the Gregorian University in Rome, where he earned a Licentiate in Sacred Theology.

After his ordination to the priesthood in 1960, he returned to the Archdiocese of Baltimore, where he served as parochial vicar, pastor, and professor, as well as principal of the day seminary. He has an M.Ed from Loyola College in Baltimore. He also served as a missionary in Peru for eleven years with the St. James Society.

On August 21, 2001, he was ordained the ninth bishop of the Diocese of St. Augustine in Florida, where he served until his retirement in June 2011. Since then, he has been residing at Mepkin Abbey in South Carolina.



Sheen“The autobiography of the renowned theologian and preacher who used the media (television and radio) to spread the Word. As a result of his pioneering endeavors, he is regarded as one of the first televangelists. In 1946, Time magazine referred to him as the golden-voiced Msgr. Fulton J. Sheen. Billy Graham called him the Great Communicator.”

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen was born in El Paso, Illinois on Fulton SheenMay 8, 1895. Sheen earned a doctorate in philosophy in 1923 at Belgium’s Catholic University of Leuven. He was consecrated bishop on June 11, 1951, and served as an Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of New York from 1951 to 1965. He was appointed Bishop of Rochester, New York, on October 26, 1966.

In 1951, he began a weekly television program titled “Life Is Worth Living.” One of his best-remembered presentations occurred in February 1953, when he forcefully denounced the Soviet regime of Joseph Stalin. He concluded by saying, “Stalin must one day meet his judgment.” The dictator suffered a stroke a few days later and died within a week.

Sheen called WWII not only a political struggle, but also a “theological one.” He referred to Hitler as an example of the “Anti-Christ.” Two decades later, the broadcast had a weekly listening audience of four million people. A prolific writer, he produced more than 70 books in his lifetime.

Sheen died of heart disease on December 9, 1979. To many Catholics he was a saint for modern times. Eventually he was declared a Venerable Servant of God by Pope Benedict XVI on July 28, 2012. His cause for canonization as a saint was officially opened in 2002.



Laboure “The author of numerous books and scholarly articles on topics such as Lourdes and Medjugorje, he wrote extensively about the visionaries, including Bernadette Soubirous, Thérèse de Lisieux, Catherine Labouré, and Yvonne Aimée de Malestroit; as well as biblical exegesis, theology, and Vatican II.”

Fr. René Laurentin is a renowned French theologian and Rene LaurentinMariologist, widely recognized as an expert in the field of Mariology. He was ordained a priest in Paris on December 8, 1946. He received his Doctorate in Mariology from the Sorbonne on June 7, 1952. This was followed by another Doctorate in Theology where he graduated cum singulari prosus laude on February 9, 1953 from the Catholic Institute of Paris.

He was named Professor of Theology at the Catholic University of Angers, in 1955, and he taught Mariology to the Franciscans then. In 1962, he was accorded the honor of being an expert at the Second Vatican Council wherein he wrote much of the Marian Doctrine in the Dogmatic Constitution of Vatican II.

He was encouraged to continue writing about the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the role she played throughout Europe, beginning in Rue du Bac, Paris. He has followed with extreme interest almost every reported apparition over the past forty years, writing extensively about many of them and, specifically, Medjugorje.



Pelletier“He was a friend of the author who wrote, The Salvation of the World; A Love Story About Mary. His insights helped us understand the depth of Mary’s love for all her children.”

Fr. Joseph A. Pelletier, A.A., one of eight children, was born Pelletierin Winchendon, MA. IN 1937, he was ordained a priest with the Augustinian Assumptionists in Rome. He received his Baccalaureate and Licentiate in Sacred Theology at the Angelicum Pontifical Institute and a Master’s Degree in Sociology from Boston College. He was internationally known as a Marian Scholar.

He has been writing extensively about Marian apparitions since his first book, The Sun Danced at Fatima, was published in 1952. Since then, he has written four other books concerning apparitions about Our Lady.

His latest book concerning Medjugorje finds him writing for the first time as a witness of the apparitions he describes. This book leads the reader from the prophetic beginnings of the event in Rome, in early May, 1981, through the six different sites where Our Lady has appeared. 

He died in Worcester, MA, at the age of seventy four.



Gaitley2“In his book, Consoling the Heart of Jesus, Fr. Gaitley has masterfully treated the issue of how we human beings still cause sorrow to Christ and His Mother because of our sins and our lack of faith.”

Fr. Michael E. Gaitley, MIC was born in 1982. He is a member of Gaitley the Congregation of Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception. Prior to his ordination as a priest he received a Masters Degree in Theology and a Licentiate Degree in Moral Theology.

After his ordination Fr. Michael was named the director of the Association of Marian Helpers, a spiritual benefit society with more than 1,000,000 members. He is also the Director of Evangelization and Development in Stockbridge, Mass. As director, he has launched a new pastoral initiative called Hearts Afire: Parish-based Programs for the New Evangelization (HAPP).

He frequently appears on EWTN and preaches retreats throughout the country on topics such as Divine Mercy, Consoling spirituality, and Marian Consecration.



mirjana-book“The autobiography of Mirjana Dragicevic-Soldo tells the story of Medjugorje as seen through her own eyes, the same eyes that still gaze upon the mother of God.  On a summer afternoon in 1981, she and five other children saw a mysterious woman on a hillside near the village of Medjugorje, Yugoslavia. The woman – who possessed an extraordinary beauty and grace – identified herself as the Virgin Mary.”

Mirjana Dragicevic-Soldo was born in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia on mirjana-pixMarch 18, 1965. She lived there with her parents and, eventually, graduated from the University of Sarajevo. However, she spent her summers in Medjugorje, visiting her grandmother who lived in Bijakovici. Mirjana was sixteen years old when she and five other young people of varying ages experienced an apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The place where they first encountered her was on Mt. Podbrdo [Apparition Hill] near the village of Medjugorje, Yugoslavia.

The apparitions would dramatically change Mirjana’s life and, eventually, will change the lives of countless people around the world. The apparitions have continued for over 36 years. Millions of people travel to Medjugorje every year to renew their faith; some for miracles, others just to be near Mary. Her claims, however, contradicted the atheistic ideologies of the Communist government and Mirjana was deemed “an enemy of the state.” Although they persecuted her severely she never denied what she saw.

Mirjana said the Virgin has entrusted her with ten messages that she will reveal to the world in her lifetime, secrets that foretell the future of the world. She hints at a timeline: “At this moment, according to Our Lady, we are living in a time of grace; after this will come the time of the secrets, and the time of her triumph!”

No series of apparitions have continued as long as they have in Medjugorje, nor have so many prophetic secrets been given. The messages are a call for mankind to return to God. She implores us to: “Look around you and look at the signs of the times.” 

Our Lady wants very much to help us and, implying that time is limited, she advises: “I have come to call the world to conversion for the last time!”  Later, she told Mirjana, “I will never again appear on Earth in this way.”



All Ages Will Call Me Blessed” (Lk 1:48)

“The mission bestowed on Our Lady for The salvation of The World in a world that has seemingly lost its moral compass. A compilation of the times and places where this began, where it is now, and the future.”

Gerard B. Tall, Jr. was born in 1932 and has retained his belief Tall GBthroughout his lifetime that the Holy Roman Catholic Church is the Church founded by Christ. In 1990, he made his profession as a Third Order Carmelite and will remain in that order for the rest of his life.

He resided for several months in many of the Marian Shrines noted herein during a sojourn of four trips to Europe over a thirty year period prior to the close of the millennium.


The Bible

Bible WhiteSt. Jerome, the Pope’s private secretary, translated the Bible into Latin about A.D. 400. He was trilingual, able to speak, write and understand Latin, Greek and Hebrew.”

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John – known as the Evangelists – are the initial authors of the New Testament: Bible OpenMatthew wrote his gospel about A.D. 65; Mark, about 55; Luke, about 60; John, about 85. The Bible is one of the fundamental sources of information for all major faiths. It was first used by the Israelites who formed Scripture into the Old Testament called the Torah; then, Christians introduced the New Testament. Later, Islam incorporated portions of it into the Qur’an.

The Bible version used in this manuscript is The Saint Joseph Edition of The New American Bible, including The Revised New Testament. As the gospel is the Good News, and the Bible contains all the gospels, the initials of the Bible may be understood as the:

B asic
I nstructions
B efore
L eaving
E arth

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.Suggested Readings for each chapter

Ch. 1 – Constantine
– Constantine the Emperor – Potter, David

Ch. 2 – Guadalupe
– Our Lady of Guadalupe – Anderson, Carl

Ch. 3 – Paray-le-Monial
– Autobiography of St. Margaret Mary

Ch. 4 – Rue du Bac
– Saint Catherine Labouré – Dirvin, Joseph I.

Ch. 5 – La Salette
– Light On the Mountain – Kennedy, John S.

Ch. 6 – Lourdes
– Lourdes – Ruth Harris
– The Song of Bernadette – Movie, 1943, Franz Werfel

Ch. 7 – Pont-Main
– Our Lady of Pontmain (kindle) – Lord, Bob and Penny

Ch. 8 – Knock
– A Woman Clothed With the Sun – Delaney, John J.

Ch. 9 – Michael, the Archangel
– Mont Saint-Michel

Ch. 10 – Fátima
– Fatima, In Lucia’s Own Words – Sr. Lúcia
– Calls – Sr. Lúcia

Ch. 11 – Beauraing
– A Woman Clothed With the Sun – Delaney, John J.

Ch. 12 – Banneux
– A Woman Clothed With the Sun – Delaney, John J.

Ch. 13 – Divine Mercy
– Diary of Saint Faustina – Kowalska, Maria

Ch. 14 – Garabandal
– Star On the Mountain – Laffineur and Pelletier

Ch. 15 – Akita
– Akita: The Tears and Message of Mary – Teiji Yasuda

Ch. 16 – Medjugorje
– My Heart Will Triumph – Dragicevic-Soldo, Mirjana
– The Queen of Peace Visits Medjugorje – Pelletier, J. A.
– Medjugorje – Laurentin, René


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